ANY SnowBOarders Out there??!?!??!?

hey i just bought a pretty sweet board at zoomies and i figured i could find some pretty cheap bindings/boots on ebay. any suggestions? I honestly have no clue about anything when it comes to products. I started snowboarding last season and borrowed boards from friends, i road a burton, saloman and some cheap a$s hundred dollar board and couldnt tell the diference between any of em. Anyways. know any good models or brands that are cheap, yet will last? What should i NOT buy? Thanks


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If you honestly can't tell the difference between boards I would go for one of those plastic boards that you can strap onto your sorels. They are about $15 at the hardware store.

This is not the time of year to be getting good cheap new gear, but try a local ski swap and try to find some used boots/bindings. Then at the end of the season get a pair of new boots 40% off. I really like burton boots/bindings. I just got a Rome deck and I'm loving it.

Palmer sucks. I hope Sean Palmer burns in hell for making crappy decks.

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Burton makes good boards, boots and bindings.

Don't buy Ride boots. They fall apart and the company won't stand behind their product.

Step in or strap in snowboard binding?

Just want to correct the comments on the RIDE gear.
You must have gotten a bad pair or something.
I have RIDE boots and bindings.
Bindings had a bad base plate design, bent something wicked which twisted the bindings as well, replaced FREE OF CHARGE as well as a new design base plate. Not one problem since.
Boots going on 7 years, new bindings going on 6 years. And being 6'3" and 205lbs, I'm not exactly easy on them. Seen many days in CO and AK as well.

Im a 5 10" 140lb athletic guy... what size of snowboard should i get?

I went with my buddy to buy gear and he sounds like u, just starting not wanting to spend a ton of $$ and looking for something that will last. They guys kept pushing the Salomon ACE on him. It's a go anywhere board and has a nice edge that won't bite to much allowing some forgiveness. As for boots, everyone is going to push u into a 1/2 to full size smaller. Boots do pack out (expand after a # of times riding) but I would wait until you get better to start thinking tight. What you give up in controle you gain w/ comfort. It's all about fun and sticking w/ it.

Looking to buy a snowboard, boots, and bindings.?

If you want a cheap that's what you'll get.Spend more get more !

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sweet, but its zUmiez. what kinda board ya get? burton freestyles are the cheapest bindings you can get (109 new) but they dont last very long. (2 seasons problably if your LUCKY) sorry i dont know any that are cheap AND last long. flows are like the best bindings you can buy, but their expensive (some pairs are worth more thatn my board AND bindings- i ride a 06 burton blunt and 06 burton freestyle bindings(hey im on a budget here) thats about 450 bucks in all) so if i were you id go somewhere in between- somewhere in between quality and cost. burton has some pretty good bindings (besides the freestyle- i mean there not BAD but they really arent great) go to their website and check em out-
see ya on the slopes bro.

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go flux. for bindings. there reasonable. japanese. best response. and flux only make bindings.

boots. u freestyle or freeride. or bit both .try get a boot with a flex rating round 6. if you pretty much just learning but wanna start getn into bita park lata lean towards softer boots. stiffer boots will give ya little bit more stability and better impact off kickers but ridings about that feeling of freeness and softer boots will give you that. def dont go pro model without knowing what terrain the pro rides cause u might get stuck with stiffies that are only good for hitting pipe an 60ft plus jumps.

dnt go too cheap on boots either bro cause there the most important item in ya setup

mayb get a pair of burton tribute boots. of these i hear only good things

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