Are there any proffessional plus size figure skaters??

I feel really out of place, but I love skating.. I just want to find some other plus size figure skaters, to find some support about how to deal with all the smaller girls who make fun of me...


In the sport of curling,can a sweeper make the stone curl by sweeping ?

Don't feel out of place, have confidence in yourself! Many of my friends who are figure skaters are also plus size. If the smaller girls start making fun of you, scrap some ice using your skates and throw at them!

What is "curling"?

Honestly, some girls seem to make fun of everyone.

Like i am skinny, and have been skating for years and somehow whenever i'm around this certian group of them i want to just like dissaper and confidence drops in like a second.

So basicly dont let those girls effect your dream like they are currently doing with me right now. It broke my heart so much.

Just go out their ignore them and if you spend your time praticing unlike they are cause their are being rude brats, then you will be waaaay better than them and always will be.

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