Anyone know any fun outdoor winter games to play?

When I was a kid, my family, & friends and I played what we called "Magpie", but I've always thought it might've properly been called "Tagpie". Anyhoo, it was simply a game of "tag" played in the snow. We would shuffle our feet through the snow,(the deeper the better), making a path,and create a huge circle. Then we would create paths as straight as we could and divide the circle(pie) into fourths. We would determine who was it, in the usual way, and who ever was it would chase everyone around the pie and on the dividing paths. Everyone HAD to stay within the narrow paths. If someone fell into the unblemished quarters of the pie, or outside of the pie that person was automatically it. (And this happened a lot more often than you'd think, 'cause there were quite a few abrupt turns and direction reversals to avoid being tagged.) If someone got pushed into or out of the pie, then the PUSHER became it. If you've never played this, try it. It's a blast, and exhausting. Have fun.


What makes a ski a racer?

Well here in North Carolina...snow is hard to come by so it was always a huuuge deal when it snowed. Me and my friends would get together and spend the whole afternoon building forts and bases and making tons of snowballs to prepare for the biggest snowball fight you could imagine. None of that prissy stuff either.snowballs were hurled at you and when they hit you in the hurt. Good times...good times. : )

Ski wear?

kick the nerd around

How cold does it have to be for Ski places to make snow?

whats wrong with building snowforts and having snowball fights?

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