Accepting ski licences?

Hi, can you tell me your experiences with accepting ski instructor licences around the world (anywhere)? I have written to many resorts and they are not much interested in skill but in variety licences. It´s understandable, but I don´t have money to do them all. I want one universal. (can you advise me most universal existing licence?) Thanks.


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If you are planing on working in the US the only accredited instruction is with the PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America). To get certified go to your local mountain or Check With the PSIA for clinics around you. There are several ways to get your level 1 cert. In house, while you are working is the easiest and most cost effective way to go about it. Start as a non cert or a cert in training and let the Ski school director know that you are looking to get certified and your chances of getting hired go way up. Ski schools are looking for people that actually want to do this and teach people about the love of skiing and boarding. Be professional and go into like any other job. Its just way more fun then working at McDonald's. Good luck

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If you got a BASI (British Association of Ski Instructors) license you can pretty much teach anywhere apparently.

There are different levels you can do. Well worth doing though!

Good luck

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I don't instruct anymore...I just like to ski. But when I did, the smaller areas (mostly in the eastern US) don't require a PSIA cert. You just go through some small training activities, and you can instruct.

All of the big resorts in America require at least PSIA level 1.

Which doesn't really make sense...actually. I saw so many people with certs, and they couldn't EXPLAIN how to ski to their students. Oh, they tried, but they couldn't connect, they didn't know how to explain it to the lay person.

I loved instructing, but I got turned off from it because of the "I'm better than you attitude" the certified folks carried around. By no means all of them, but I was a much better teacher than most of them.

The certification process shouldn't be about your ability to mold a turn to an ideal, but how well can you SHOW and EXPLAIN the sequences. That's one reason I quit...besides, I just like to ski!

There is no global cert process that I know of. Each country has their own system. If you get certified in one country though, there are usually instructor exchange programs, and you can teach at a sister resort in another country under your own cert. Although you may have to get the local cert as well, I'm sure the ski school director would have a way for you to do that easily.

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