At what degrees should i have my left foot binding (riding reg.)?

this is for if i ride freestyle


What's the best time of yr to buy skiis? Recommendations online or Bay Area?

if ur riding park id say 10-15 left foot and 5-10 right foot so ur feet r in a sort of duck position, this allows you to ride switch much easier and i think it gives me more balance

What's the best advice you can give for first-time snowboarders?

Depends on how aggressive/fast you want to ride. Salomon riders ride way forward while freestyle/park riders are more flat.
I would go with like 20 degrees and see how that feels

How is the Rossignol District Board?

if u do rails or spin keep your stance wide and your frount foot should be around 12-18 and your back should be around -10

I need help with figure skating!?

I used to work in a rental shop, we always set beginers up at 15 for the front foot, and -2 for back foot. Beyond that I think it is just what feels comfortable. My board is set at 18 front foot and -5 back foot. That is what feels right for me.

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