Best snowboard graphics?

Whats your favorite snowboard graphics not necessarily off this years boards, can be from any year. My personal favourite is last years K2 darkstar werid but good.


How does one get started with snowboarding?

The graphic on my Lib Tech Emmigator.

Its a black board with an atomic cow wearing a gas mask. the cow and "blue radioactive aura" around the cow are all done in vibrant colours. It works under a blacklight and the art is done by Mike Parrillo, who has been doing art for Lib Tech Over a decade.

Another good one is the Lib Tech with the blue nekkid chick on it.

Snowboarding Gear: Are Morrow Blaze Boards good? Airwalk bindings?


Why do you skate?

Ride snowboard graphics - the orange dragon boards are sweet!

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