Anybody know good "show music" for a program??

my friend are looking for some show music for a pairs program, any suggestions??


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Well it depends on what kind of program you want to do so here are a few suggestions: I find that the best songs are on movie soundtracks and I've picked my two favourite ones.For something a little bit dark and dramatic try 'El Tango de Roxanne' from Moulin Rouge or for a more latin inspired routine I'd suggest 'Rhythym of the Night' or if you fancy some French flavour 'La Complainte de la Butte' from the same soundtrack.The next ones are from the soundtrack to 'Kill Bill Vol.1'.'Battle without Honour or Humanity' is quite edgy and really if you wanted to try something different or for a softer,more graceful routine 'Flower of Carnage' is really sweet.My last suggestion is 'Dont let me be Misunderstood' which is very Stephane Lambiel 'Flamenco' style.
I hope that helps! You dont mention if this is for a competitive program or an exhibition but I'm sure all these songs come in instumental versions if you're not allowed have lyrics.

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Anything from Les Miserables! Especially Empty Chairs at Empty tables, and On My Own. Soooooooooooo great!


You should do something that you like. I personally like some of the ones that have a lot of energy, but you probably have a favorite song that you could do that would be really fun for you.

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you should do something that is upbeat. At my club, I can't have lyrics in my music. I use Finding Nemo 1.3. it starts off slow, but in mine, I do a b/o pivot x2, a 3 jump, flip x2, then 3 mohawks, followed by a double toe, then a 1 foot spin, etc.

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tainted love - so good.

or try hot hot hot .

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"Meant to Live"
i heard that in my ice skating arena. great song! this is like energetic music for ice skating

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my friend did pirates of the carribean, i'm not sure if it was with a partner doing dance or not though. walk away might be a fun song to do too. i've been able to picture programs with that song. and same with i will survive

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West Side Story, i skated to that. And Yanni is AMAZING so many wonderfull song. But if your looking for a up-beat program Cirque De Soliel has great music.
Good Luck

~alexx =]

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Sergei Rachmaninov's 3rd of his 3rd piano concerto. It contains fire and it contains ice!

I was skiing to this a couple of months ago and despite the crud and bumps it was amazing how much ole Sergei straightened out my line!

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