Bellingham, WA; Lake Tahoe, CA; or Salt Lake City, UT? Where should I move?

I'm into Snowboarding and Mountain Biking. Bellingham, WA has Mount Baker nearby, and good biking at Galbraith and Snakeonia, Lake Tahoe has world class snowboarding, and Great Mountain Biking at Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, and the Flume to name a few, while Salt Lake City also has great snowboarding at Park City and great biking can be found 4 hours away by car at Moab. Where should I move to after graduation? I'll be a Pharmacist so getting a good job won't be difficult.


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I live in Salt Lake, and answered a question similar to this in great detail not too long ago. The link is below. The person was comparing some of the same places, including the west coast and Utah. My answers are all based on winter riding, not mountain biking, but I can tell you that people mountain bike all year long here. Either in the benches of the Wasatch or if they have snow then further south, or yes, Moab.

I would encourage you to take a month off after graduation, and take a trip around. See how you like some of those places. Of course, just a few days doesn't really do it, but it would give you a better feel for the place and the people.

Utah does have some problems, especially if you plan on raising kids here. I have two daughters, and we may move if the Mormon culture starts affecting them in a negative way. The riding is the best in the US though (except for Jackson Hole), that I can promise you. I've skied nearly everywhere of mention...and Alta/Snowbird are standouts. Of course, as a snowboarder, you can't ride at Alta, but Snowbird is 10x the mountain Park City is. The only reason the Olympics weren't held there is because it is a dead-end road, and the organizers feared safety issues if they needed to move a lot of people down the canyon quickly.

Check the link for even more details on Salt Lake.;...

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Salt Lake City; if they are good enough to host the Olympics, then they are good enough for a snowboarder like you

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I don't recommend Lake Tahoe. It's become a rich, snobby area run by money and speedboats.

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i would choose salt lake city just because i went there over the summer with my sister and ther was no humidity LOW tax and you really didnt have to drive a car anywhere you could jus ride the trax and theres an awsome mall its great i would go back in a heart beat

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Dude i live in Salt Lake so...i am going to have to say move to salt lake. SNOWBOARDING is the best here and as for biking i dont bike but im sure u could do it in the mountains.

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lake tahoe man its awesome. theres like 7 different ski resorts @ lake tahoe and each 1 is huge. plus the people r cool.

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Tahoe, boarding + gambling!

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