15.years old girl can learn skate?

figure skater


What type of clothing should I bring on a 3 day skiing/snowmobiling trip?

Go for it!

Does anyone,love sking as much as i so?

Sure,go for it,ask your parents first!

Small snowboard companys?

Yes, she can. It's quite possible for anyone to learn anything as long as they are dedicated. No matter the age. So... You need to learn propper grammar.

Any Tahoe resorts open in November?

yes but it will take a lot of pratice

Who won the 1991 world curling championships?


Why is there a section for curling?

Ya!! y not?? i learned when i was like 14 1/2

Name the 5 best mountains you have skied or boarded at?

I think that they could learn to skate cause i learn to skate when i was10 years old

Snowboarding in Spring?

You're never too old to start anything!

(Ok, maybe not ANYTHING, but definitely figure skating!)

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