Am I progressing well?/?

Question:I am a figure skater and I want to know if I am progressing well because I feel like I am a slow learner.

Level: Freestyle 4

I go 3-4 times a week

Private coach for 30 minutes a week

I have been skating for a year and two months

Things I am working on:
Camel Spin
Lay Back
Loop Jump

All answers appreciated!


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I think that's pretty good. You have to remember that everyone works at their own pace some people skating as long as you have (for example) can already land an Axel others may still be working on waltz jumps. Keep it in perspective and don't be let down.

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you sound like skating is your sport Best of Luck an maybe you will win a lot of medals one day The world can be yours

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Im not sure if your progressing for what i know of ice skating which is not much, but i think your doing great because i did iceskating for a half a year and wasn't only on level 2 but idk

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if ice skating is what you enjoy then go for it! You can do more than I ever could, and I used to go in the mornings for about a year. just be careful not to get burnt out on the sport--when you start to feel it tiring you out or you start to lose happiness with it, take a break and re-evaluate what your goals are--they may have changed since you first started. and never let your parents or coach tell you quitting is for losers or not an option because if it doesn't make you happy anymore, then it is not worth the time and money. i'm sorry i didn't mean to depress you i just wanted to let you in on an experienced teenage athlete like yourself's run-in with too much work to often. so go with all gusto until you burn out!

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ya. u sound like ur doing really well. good luck!

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You are doing fine.

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ya your doing great! keep up the good work!

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you are doing great but you should ask yuor coach for tips or something . it could make you a little better.

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Yes you are progessing well. Keep up the great work!

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i believe so
keep it up

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yes, but if you are on freestyle 4 you should have already learned those things

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level: preliminary

I go 4-5 times a week

3 private coaches each around 3hours a week
i have been skating 4 years

things i am working on:

double lutz
double flip
death drop
flying sit

keep on trying u will get there!

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wow! that sounds like me, except I'm 15 years old, have been skating for approximately a month or two longer than you have, and am still in classes 30 minutes a week :(

in answer to your question, yes, you're learning pretty fast. I know a girl who's approximately where you're at, and she's been skating for 2-3 years. you're doing great! keep it up!

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you seem to be progressing at a normal rate! good for you! dont be discouraged by the little ones im sure that you see running around doing all these tricks that you cant yet.. they probably have been at it since they were 5! you are doing a great job, keep it up!

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Well, I don't know the freestyle levels, but I think I know where you are. You are going well, but you should have learned 1/2 flip, sit spin, and many more, before Camel, and Layback spins!

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