Are you regular or goofy?


How many people ice climb in the U.S?

Regularly goofy

What's the best way to get into snowboarding?


What are my chances of winning this ski race?

is there a such thing as regular?

Sk8ing competitions HELP!! (nervous)?


it depends on the company.

Is there a snowboarding counterpart to ski patrol?

I...have no idea. Right foot in front if goofy or regular? cuz I ride w/ my right foot in front...I think that's goofy...I donno...

Will curling my hair everyday with a curling iron break my hair even if I use a heat protectant?


Michigian high school wrestling champions 1985-1995?

none ese y tu?

Do high schools and colleges in northern states or Canada field competitive cross-country ski teams?


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