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Question:I want to be able to practice at least some of my ice skating moves at home, because sometimes I can't make it to my local ice rink and I lose a lot of valuable time this way. I heard that there are some 'portable' ice rinks but I've got no idea whether it's true or not. Also I'm not sure how much it would cost to build my own ice rink at home so this is also an unlikely option. Are any roller-blades for figure skating good to practice things people normally do on ice? Any ideas totally appreciated...wild or not wild ^_^
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Actually, there is a product call synthetic ice. It isn't actually ice and can be used in the summer too! Its great for practice and there is actually a synthetic ice area at my real ice rink. There are lots of websites but this one seems self explainatory: I dont know how much it is but I think it depends on how big you want the surface to be.

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well i dont know about a portable ice rink (?) but im assuming high quality, sport roller blades should do the trick.

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I think the best and most practical thing to do would be to practise your moves in the back yard of your house, the loops,etc. with roller blades, no reason why they wont work.GOOD LUCK.!

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try this website

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Theres no such thing as a portable ice rink but there is afew things you can get. I suggest investing in a spinner, on those you can practice your spins at home. Also, I recomend MaxiFlex. It improves your flexibility which helps in all areas of skating. You can purchase these at Rainbo Sports in Illinois, Wisconsin, or Michigan if you live close by there.

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