Anybody using SportsDo?

OK, I'm not holding out much hope here, but what the hell... Anyone got any experience of using SportsDo ( on a Java phone (e.g. a Nokia N70 or the suchlike)? Is it easy to use? Useful? And importantly, is it worth the money?


I was wondering if anyone knew of any ski shops in London where you can get your ski boots custom fitted?


I've been using SportsDo and previously Skido for about 2 years and they are fantastic.

More recently I've been using SportsDo on a Nokia N73 which is working fantastically.

The software is easy to use and most of the time I just ignore it while I'm skiing however the voice prompt of speed, distance, time and top speed is cool.

Useful is more tricky to answer because it depends on the sport and use. It was useful when I was training for a 10k run and it is fun when I'm skiing with buddies.

Worth the money? Well, you could buy a hardware device which does less and costs more money so it's certainly cost effective. You could certainly spend a lot more on having less fun and functionality!

Hope this helps.


PS. I should probably mention I'm one of the SportsDo founders! Come join the fun, we'd love to welcome you. :-)

Is there anywhere that buys snowboards, because I have a Ross Powers Autographed Burton And I need to sell it.

Over my head....

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