Article Ideas?

I need article ideas for my school newspaper. It has to be about the school. I have all of my ideas except for the sports ideas. It should be about winter sports. Please Help!


Do you need to have 4wd to drive up to Solitude Ski Resort in Utah?

im writing 2 articles (well 1 of them is comic, and the other is about wrold wide news, like about the woman president (Clinton)and stuff...) and if i where to write about the school,(sports) it could be about some of the basket ball or wrestling tournament, and how far your school went...


Ice fishing is a goos topic. It is a winter sport and about SCHOOLS of fish.

How do you fold and tie a bandana over your mouth and nose and make it stay?

Obviously whatever is popular in your home area. Might be ice fishing, like that first character joked (schools of fish) lol...

dog sledding, snowmobiling, skiing, nordic. How about indoor winter sports like basketball, wrestling, or ice skating/hockey?

Maybe you can report on a local competition, or charity event?

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