About Ice Skateing?

Question:I have to do a homework about ice skating.
1.tall me about ice skating history(if you con tall me taiwans' is better)
2.tall me about the feeling when skate on ice,or why somebody doesn't like this.


Which would win?

the feeling of skating on ice is like none other.
You feel like no one can crush you and you never wanna stop that is if your alone on the ice.

When you get off the ice the feel of your legs aking and your feet hurting like hel* is something i'd give anything to be able to feel again.

once you skate you never wanna give it up, you fall in love, it becomes your life
and i know it becomes your life because when your forced to quit, your hurt so badly, and your life comes to a sudden stop and you have no idea what is going to happen in years to come.

Its like having someone skin you alive or have your heart ripped out from you. Quiting something that is everything to you and seeing how much it hurts, and how much it impacts you, will shock you like you never knew.

So bascily put that together, how much it hurts me to have to quit right now, go outside the box and figure out how much it ment to me. How much i enjoyed it and you can prob tell how much i enjoyed it and how i felt b/c i wouldnt wanna be doing your homework for you!

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Ice skating has been a popular winter sport in Europe and Scandinavia as a mode of winter travel and enjoyment for over 1000 years. Over the years, ice skates have evolved from wooden platform skates to steel blade skates today. For figure skaters and people who have a love for figure skating, gliding on the ice feels wonderful, it feels almost flying. However, some people don't really enjoy it as they are afraid to fall onto the ice and the ice rink is rather cold too.

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wikipedia has an excellent article on ice skating and its history. :)

as for the feeling: i figure skate and so i enjoy it. i get a feeling of freedom when i glide across the ice. there's no friction and virtually no impact (unless you fall :P ) however, other people might not like it because it's too cold, they're afraid of falling, or the skates are uncomfortable/stiff and heavy.

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I think you can read about ice skating on wikipedia, for example. So I tell about the feeling... I was almost 19-years-old when I skated first time. I love this sport, and I was waiting so long.. It was like... I thought I fly. Only a slight sword, the ice and me... (Sorry if my english is poor, it isn't my mother language:( )

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i dont know muhc aboutthe history but i skate as well and the best feeling ever is when ur skating as fast as u can and ur going so fast u feel like ur flying and after going so fast and ur doing a jump u feel like u can go higher than the boards its such an awesome feeling

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