Do you think Bryon Gumbel comments was racist I think he was telling the truth, and he's half white?


If im 155cm tall hwo big should my snowboard be?

YES OF COURSE THEY WERE! IT DOESNT SURPRISE ME ONE people scream racism at every chance they get, but what they dont realize they are the racist ones! in the 2000s we shouldnt even be using the words black/white anymore. i just cant believe what i hear sometimes ..makes me sick

What kind of skates do you guys have?

What he said was wrong. Its not the olympic athletes faults that black people don't snow board. That doesn't mean that they aren't the best in the world at what they do.

Now if a white person said. Black men are always better runners, its their genetics, then he gets fired from his TV job, yet gummble can say basicly the same thing and its ok.

I also think that if you really looked at a GOP convention you might see Colon Powel, and Condalisa Rice in the crowd along with JC Watts.

Ice rinks near cincinnati, ohio?

I didn't hear him say the summer games look like a democrat
convention. Gumbel is and always has been a racist. You can bet he won't be fired like Jimmy the Greek and Rush Limbaugh were. The big wigs would not dare to fire a black.
As liberal as Howard Cosell was, he received a lot of heat.
But he was not fired.

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