Anyone else waiting for winter??


Hi i need help find the right skiing boots for myself?

YES! I long to wake up one day and notice that it snowed like 8 inches...grab something to eat.and hit the slopes on my skiis!

How can i get on ski patrol?

--- Yeah - Yahoo, today (7/22)---- I think they're fried.

Can anybody help me... I need to find 91 words for snow, its a snowboarding video in the UK, any ideas?

No. I hate the l-o-n-g cold and dark days of winter.

When and Where was figure skating first invented?

me!!! heat+humidity=BLOWS!!!

Salchow help?

yeas i cany wait to go snowboarding

Curling question: What is the etimological derivation of "PAGE" in Page playoff?

NO WAY! it's so cool in summer,'s holiday and this warm,even hot days make me feel good..but cold,dark,winter,snowy days,..ewww..they suck,..I don't like them~!

Does anyone else have a 05 Burton Feather snowboard?

i know a few a few people who r including me! snowmobieling!!
we love it!

Who is the favorite showborader?


I'm going sking for the first time tomorow.. any tips?

Please any gods or goddesses out there make it snow now! I hate summer and this 40 degree weather!

Any snowboarders out there missing the snow like i am?


What does DC stand for ? I.E. DC Shoes.?


Is it bad to leave my hard guards on my skates?

yes! I can't wait to get back on the slopes! and the race courses!

How can we play this game?

ya i cant wait till winter to get out and go sking and snowboarding

Looking for rockies sking?

I am. thanks for 2 free points

Why can't I sign into US Figure Skating?


Is curling a sport?

Not really. I just want it to cool down a little bit. I am in Palm Desert, CA and it's been in the 120's. Today it looks a bit overcast and Yahoo says it's only 112, but our local weather forecast is more like 116. I'm happy if it's just around 110 max. I prefer warm weather, so no, I am not looking forward to winter.

What are Michelle Kwan's world records?

yes i live in lake havasu city it has gotten up o 132 before

What are some strength/balance training exercises for snowboarding?

i am i can't to go snowboarding again

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