Beginner snowboarder.?

I am going to get into snowboarding and I am confused about the boards. I am 6'2" and about 175 lbs. I have fairly big feet (size 12 U.S.) and I want to get a board that will be easy to manuver, not neccessarily go super fast, maybe try some tricks. I believe I would ride best goofy-foot, as I stabilize myself best with my right foot. What kind of and what size and or flexibility of board should I get? Also, what about bindings and boots?


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According to your weight, which is more important than height, any length of board from 156 - 162 cm would be best. The longer boards are more stable at high speeds. The shorter decks are slightly easier to turn, and more forgiving for beginners.

Taking into account the size of your feet, a wide board would be good. So, when shopping online, or at your local board shop, just keep that in mind. You don't want too much toe and heel hanging over the edges. That creates drag, and will impede your riding.

The final issue is flex. The stiffer (and longer) decks are great for all-purpose riding, and in powder. If you don't plan on powder days (i.e. if you live on the East coast), or if you think you'd like to do alot of riding in the park, jumps, jibs, half-pipe, then a stick with more flex would be preferrable.

Based on those factors, I would recommend an "all-mtn" board, 158cm, WIDE (your feet are big!), with a mid-flex. If you're on the East coast, keep those edges sharpened and tuned for those icy slopes!

Several companies make wide boards that will give you the performance you're looking for without pulling your pants down over the price. Look for a shop that has some boards from last season. These are just as good as the brand-new stuff, but priced cheaper to make room for new inventory.

Have fun on the hill!

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I've been snowboarding for three years, but I don't even know the brand of my snowboard. It would be much easier and would give you a better fit if you went to a ski/snowboarding shop. There they will tell you all you need to know!

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I just got a ride cue series, its a great board. the snowboard u should get should be as tall as your nose-chin. i like ride snowboards

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I'll help yea. I've been boarding for 7 years. Just take my advice. If your buying a board...I would go with a K2. Non expensive...and K2 makes some pretty wide boards for your big feet. shouldnt really be worrying about that yet...get a board that is stiff...but yet not to'll know... Bindings...go with the traditional 2 strap binding...stay away from step ins...their crap...two still have one more. Your best bet is to just walk in a board store and ask for help...

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