Are atomic Metron m10 skis ok to ski on for an intermediate skier?


Has anyone ever tuned up their snowboard at Sports Authority or REI? How did they do?

Yes but they'll be a little better suited for a more advanced skier. They are a great choice if you plan on improving your skiing as they'll stay with you longer. Also check out Atomics Izor line as those are geared more to the recreational skier.

Atomic rates their skis from 5 (rental level) to 11 (expert level). The M10 is a great intermediate to advanced ski. It isn't as stiff or as cut as the M11, which makes it a bit easier to ski on.

Keep in mind that Metron skis are skied much shorter than regular skis. They have a wide tip and tail and a lot of side cut. This gives them a good amount of surface area for better floatation in crud and powder while the added sidecut allows for great carving. If you ski off piste more often or like bigger, faster turns go up a length. If you don't ski off piste much and like shorter, slalom style turns go down a length. These days the line of thinking in ski lengths is opposite to what it use to be. When in doubt, go shorter.

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Go Paul G! I'd like to be a help but I'm more experienced in the race skis department. Listen to him, though, he knows what he's talking about.

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