Any tips for staying in good snowboarding shape?

i love to snowboard i was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to stay in good snowboarding shape during the summer.


I want to snowboard, i can skateboard but i dont know how i can snowboard i live in Texas !?

Here's a good article:

Before I start the season, I work on the muscles that got extra sore my first time out. Legs: quad, hamstring, and calves. I also try to really strengthen my core (abs & back). Of course 30 min cardio a few times a week help me make it through the whole day on the slopes w/o getting too fatigued. Fatigue is injuries' best friend. ;)

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just keep your leg muscles in shape during the summer
that's all you can do unless you find some snow in July

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They say stretching helps out alot.

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Beer! Drink lots and lots of beer

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