A question about Ice Skating?

Question:I've just been ice-skating. It was my first time and i was holding on to the rail like half the time. but when i got in the middle, i'd wobble. When I got away from the rail, i'd pick up my feet a lot, {but i'd still be moving}. But there was other people there that were smoothly skating, as in barely lifting their feet, and twirling.

Can anyone give me some tips on how to ice-skate better because I want to get better.


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k i'm a figure sk8r and it's really easy 4 me. my friend came to icesk8 and i told her to swizzle her feet back and forth and it forms an oval. it helps u to sk8 forwards and backwards. u can also try the same thing but on one side. this is called half swizzles.these are the first things u learn when u take lessons. also u push out on the side of ur blade. nevr use ur toepick a.k.a the really sharp thing in the front of ur blade. it wears it out. if u get really good and start taking lessons,u should get ur own sk8s. if u do, u have to buy a blade guard. (the plastic colorful thing that goes on top of the blade. nevr walk on the ground without them cuz that's another way to wear them out. right now, riedells aren't very good sk8s. u should get WILSON or JACKSON's. that's what i have. when u finish using ur sk8s, u have 2 clean the blades with a towel and if u want, u can buy other kinds of blade guard that is like a mini towel that covers ur blades but in a wierd way. it keeps the blades from rusting, don't put the plastic ones back on cuz they rust. u should see if u should sharpen ur blades when u do a hockey stop and if a lot of ice comes up, ur blades r fine, if just a little bit then u might want to think about it. it also depends on how good ur hockey stop is.

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please let me know cause i might be going soon

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Push off the wall. THen kind of push one of your feet out without lifting it off the ground. Just slide your foot to the side and push. Do the same with the other foot. keep repeating this. Sorry if this didn't help.

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The way I would suggest trying is this. Do this with socks on a slick floor first if you can! As always, put your feet shoulder width apart. Then turn them out a little like a duck. For the sake of argument, we will start with your right foot! Push with your right foot and let your left foot slide. Then bring your right foot forward and push with your left. Basically you just keep going back and forth. Push, glide, push, glide. Keeping your feet out like a duck will give you that extra balance.

If you feel like your are going to fall, stop moving your feet altogether and lean forward. This will help keep you from falling on your butt! Good luck! :)

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Just keep practicing. Just try different methods and find out which one suits you best. Nobody can become a great skater by just skating once, make it a weekly event. Go to the same rink at the same time evry week and before you know it you'll be skating a like a pro.

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first make sure your ankles are not sagging this is bad, tie your skate tightly. Second look up and ahead of you this will help your balance. Thirdly bend your knees, believe it or not you have more balance this way. Fourth the rail will hinder more than help, I can't even hold onto it because it puts me off balance. Push of with your blades, I can push off with my picks but I usually go to pushing off my blades after that because that is how you have to skate when doing crossovers. oh and do not grab with your toes, skate on your feet and you could almost rock back onto your feet, just make sure you don't grab with your toes...

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Try just walking around in skates. Also, if you have rollar skates, you could try practicing by skating around the block or something in them. Also, you could takes lessons. A few private lessons can be especially helpful.

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take a few steps then glide on 2 feet

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Dont read theirs its like makeing a V with your feet,one foot at a time. First your right foot goes out then your left.

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Make sure you're skates are snug and tight around your feet. This will give your ankles support. Next - Just remember"Push, push, glide". Remember to alternate feet, and just practice. Pretty soon you'll get the hang of it!

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Practice. You may even try a lesson. Sometimes your local ice rinks hold lessons. You need to balance your whole body. It takes some time. Try not to hunch over, but stand straight and your upper body doesn't need to move that much. It's in the hips. Your arms are for balance. Good luck.

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here are some tips:
1. bend your knees (key!)
2. insead of walking like your in normal shoes push with the ball of your foot (that big part right before your toes)
3. dont lean back or crouch forward (keep good posture)
4. try getting a pushy hand rail thingy so you can practice your pushes
5. you might want some lessons
6. practice practice practice!

hope that helps!

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If u no how to scate it will be alot easier

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