Any snowboarders out there missing the snow like i am?

I am going crazy because i want to go snowboarding!! It sucks when there's no snow!! Thats one thing i HATE bout the summer...NO FREAKIN SNOW TO SNOWBOARD ON!! Does anyone else feel my pain?!?!


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I feel your pain.

Snowboarding is pretty much my life and I do miss the snow but I love the summer to. I feel that if I didn't have this break from snowboarding it wouldn't be as valuable to me as it is. You always have to try to get to the Mountain when the snow is good because you know this could be the last good snow of the season. It's kinda like a race against time.

There are plenty of great, fun things to do in the summer. Mountain Biking is my favorite but I've been getting into surfing and I love it. Wake boarding is a fun diversion but no replacement for the snow. And sometimes, it's just great to lounge in the sun.

Winter will be here soon, might as well enjoy the good aspects of summer before we charge the slopes again next winter.

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duh, yes.

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I hear you. Summer sucks. No snow just sunburn. Pray to Ulrr!!

Does anybody know the next time...?

e-mail me and i will tell u my crazy story about having no snow.
i tried to writ in my story erliar but i accedently shut off and it is to long to write again

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I feel ya sista! I am totally missing the snow right now! But where I live it could snow in July.

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aww man I'm dying to get back on my mountain! I just recently skiied out west, in the ending days of Mammoth's season. It was a wonderful break and the snow was wonderful but what i miss the most is ski racing! It is soooo satisfying to smash your troubles away in the course. The whole time i was skiing, i felt the joy to be back on a mountain but there was always an ache to get back on the race course. I LOVE SKI RACING!

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im hearing u, i cant wait for the season so i can go tear it up again, summer just sux, no snow, just hot sun

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Freak yea...I watched Out Cold twice yesterday..I used to work at a ski addicted

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I do. The thing that sucks even more for me is that I just bought a new Burton Custom X, and I can't ride it yet. Can't wait till winter.

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I get lucky here I have snow half of the year and can see a resort from my house balcony but in July yes I miss snow

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