Are the sizes in Ice skating the sizes in shoes? If so then how do you tell the difference?


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generally ice skates are not your regular dress shoes size.

ice skated are mean to fit snugly and tend to be smaller than your dress shoe size unless you're one who wear really really fitter shoes. even such, it is at least half a size smaller. i'm using US size as a guide here.

normally for sandals and slipper i will buy size 6 [yes yes small feet. i am only five feet half. short for an asian that i am.] for running shoes i'd get size five. but i was fitted with a size 4.5 at the skate rentals at the rink and they are still loose! i am not sure if it's the width of my feet that is affecting though.

width of your feet, the make of your skates and what size you are comfortable with are the most important factors. nonetheless, dont ever forget that a pair of skates even a size larger can cause grievance. you'll end up with blisters [i have friends who specifically ask for skates a size or two larger, they think it's cool to have "baggy skates".] if you buy a size too small, you'll for sure notice the loss of blood circulation or cold feet...

i learned these from the net and friends. and perhaps you will want to go to the website of the skates you want to buy; they have a fitting guide there.

in all, to be on the safe side, go to a ice skate store. what works for one dont always for for the other... remember that padding is important!!

btw, the difference, if i haven answered that already, is the comfort level that you have. unless you plan to stuff sponges into your skates or smth like that, wear one that you are comfy in. skates will be broken in, and then tend to be larger. not by much though..

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Go to the rink and try them on, when a pair fits, check the size?

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The ice skates have a big metal thingy on the bottom. You can't miss it.

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yes! as a matter of fact they are! they are the same size of shoe shoe's (not sandals) but if you for instance were a size 7 and 1/2
you would probably be better off going w/an eight. well i hope i have helped you

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No. I usually where a size 10 shoe, but a 7.5 hockey skate! I'd try them on before buying.

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