Anyone out there taken the PSIA level one test?

I am an advanced/expert skier, and since this will be my second year instructing, I should try to pass the level 1 test. I do not really know what the test involves and any advice would be appreciated.


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While I instructed for 5 years, and coached junior racing, I never did get my Level 1 cert.

Never tried to, never cared to. You certainly don't have to be a great skier to pass the test, I've seen some pretty weak skiing instructors with their level 1's. If you participate in the on-hill clinics that your ski school puts together, and read the literature, you should be fine.

I also taught back east though. Since I moved to Utah, I don't instruct anymore, but I think most places out west require Level 1 certs to teach, so if you plan on "escaping" someday, that cert might come in handy.

To answer your other question on Vermont - Bolton Valley is the best place in Vt. (and Mad River)

Stowe is good, but too touristy.

When I lived in upstate NY, I used to drive to VT every snowstorm and spend the weekend there. If you make the trip, you might as well put in the extra couple hours for the better stuff!

Gym or ice-skating?

Being the level of skier that you are, you should have no problem passing the level 1 test. If you've passed your resorts training, you can pass the level 1. Use the study materials that PSIA has and ask your fellow instructors for improvements that you need to make. Good luck.

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The test is i writing test I'm sure.. i took it a while back its nothing to worry about.

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