Anyone been to Mt. Hood and snowboard/ski? What did you think?


Skate boarding... it's's cool..acordan?

I haven't been skiing there, but it's quite nice.

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Good skiing.

Liked being close to the city.

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Are you talking about in the Summer time?

I liked it (went to a camp years ago) but there isn't a whole lot to it. The Palmer Snowfield is basically divided up into lanes and unless you are part of a camp you get the one public lane to ride. I hear that they have public terrain parks available now, so if thats your thing it should be a good time. When I was there, the pipes and terrain parks were all below the snowfield a bit and were closed to the public. It's definately fun if you need to get a summer time fix but there isn't too much there. If you are going for a summer camp then it's an absolute blast.

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Mt Hood in oregon, right? (is there another mt hood? ...)
yes i luv it! at the mt hood ski bowl, during the winter theres all different ski/snowboarding things there. lessons for ppl, a buttercup slope for little ones, and the black dimond!

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Cool place. Wear your goggles or you'll go blind and ruin a good trip. Even when you go inverted and thing taking them off would help with peripherial vision.

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