Anyone here ever been to the summit of mt. ranier??

Question:how much does it cost for gear and a sherpa?

what is the difficulty, easy,moderate or ruff & tuff?

how many bodies are left on the mountain?

i heard there 200+ on everest


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No, my idea of fun does not include hiking up steep slopes on the hard, compact frozen ice of glaciers at an elevation of over 2 miles high where it's very difficult to breathe because of the low oxygen content.

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I went up there in 1991. I went with a friend who'd been up before. It's a difficult climb, but not near as bad as Everest. At around 20,000 feet you need oxygen, but Rainier is only around 14,000. So that helps.

There are no known bodies left on Rainier. And it's more like 120 on Everest.

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you don't need any of that theirs a trail that leads to the top.

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I'm a washintonian and have never done the mt. ranier summit. Mt. Ranier is huge! Not many people try to get up there bcuz it's so big. They usually go down to Mt. Hood in Oregon bcuz it's not as big as Ranier. Even though there are dead bodies up there now, I'm sure people will keep on going down there.

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Ya i was there it was so freakin cold. I cost me around a million dollars give or take 20$. There are 600 bodies on the mountian and I actually saw one the other day. He froze while he was picking his nose it was cool!

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I have never climbed Mt. Rainier but I've been told that the best time to do it is in December. Should you get lost near the summit make sure you have a cell phone, most TV Networks will show your picture on TV and hundreds of rescue workers will get the chance to rescue you.

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no not yet

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