Any good snow left in New England for skiing?

I haven't been skiing since March 11th and I'm jonesing!! How are conditions in New England. I don't trust the mountain reports. Are conditions decent? Where? What exactly is meant by "spring conditions" anyways?


In figure skating (ISI), how many freestyle levels are there, and what's after that?

Spring conditions, for eastern resorts, generally means loose, snowmaking snow (ice crystals, with a rice, corn-like consistency) and possibly some slush. Because this snow is so loose (because snowmaking snow is different from natural, the little crystals keep getting smaller and smaller and spray around a lot instead of simply melting) conditions get pretty bad, and skiing past noon on a spring day is simply not worth it--you run a high risk of catching an edge and twisting your knee.

I would trust resorts like Whiteface and possibly Sugarloaf-- it depends on how far you are willing to drive. Whiteface is run by a trustworthy staff; they put a lot of effort into grooming every day so that the conditions aren't absolutely terrible. Those early morning runs in the waning days of the season are super sweet!!

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