Any Snowboarding tips for a beginner??

I've gone down the whole mountain, from peak to base and can jumb(but not well!) plus ride a box to an extent. please advise!


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Once you've mastered basic turns, work on making your turns more dynamic - higher edge angle, body and board follow a different path. Work on releasing your edge to initiate a turn using both up and down unweighting.

There are so many fun areas of snowboarding to explore:

- air (straight, 1s, 3s, 5s, etc.)
- pipe
- switch riding
- trees
- bumps
- steeps
- backcountry
- carving

You are only limited by your imagination!

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u cant beat this. look good, learn to stop lol., bunny hill for a while, even take lessons for three days it really helps there r ages so u wont be with kids. hope i could help...learn to stop, oh don't be afraid when u get speed. its fun trust me.

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1. stretch
2. buy a helmet
3. stretch
4. use your helmet, go faster
5. stretch
6. smile 'cause you just had the time of your life

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you don't exactly sound like a beginner to me!!

Is it like... taboo to wear a skating skirt before you are really good?

Try doing blues and getting some speed, thats the fun part of snowboarding. Do some moguls and once you've really mastered it, do everything again faky; its like learning to snowboard again.

I want to to start ice skating lessons this year to become a professional. i was 14 last month-is it too late?

um dont fall,
play volleyball!

i know that was oh so helpful but really be safe do do something if you have even a 30% doubt you cant land it.
i tried a backflip and messed up my arm.

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