Where is the best place to go snowboarding in USA?


Can not find a good fit?

So far all the answers have been from folks representing their home mtn. I mean, Snowshoe? Give me a break! W. Virginia is white-trash, not to mention on the East Coast, which pretty much means icy conditions.

I would recommend a mtn that is consistently on the top of the list for everything, terrain park, powder, size, and conditions. If it's gotta be in the top five in every category imaginable, then it's gotta be Vail, CO. For snow, the Rockies is definitely the way to go. Colorado and Utah have the best snow in the world. Not the most, but it's dry, fluffy, and plentiful. Not the icy crap on the East Coast, nor the wet, slow stuff on the West Coast. I've been to resorts all over the continent, and nothing touches Vail except for maybe Whistler/Blackcomb, but that isn't in the U.S.

Park City, Utah is another good all-around pick.

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Anywhere there is snow and a mountain.

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Snowshoe, WV it is like being on top of the world. it is very beautiful. You will love it.

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Lutsen Mountains in Lutsen MN
You can see there website in www.lutsen.com
have fun :)

What is the best location in the US for beginner skiing?

In the snow

Working at a ski resort?

Mount Baker in Washington State has been voted numerous times as one of the best places to snowboard, by such publications as Snow Country Magazine and Northwest Travel Magazine.

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Define best?

If you mean best place to go where there's an epic lake view, it has to be Heavenly in Tahoe.

If best means cheapest, maybe Donner Ski Ranch's midweek $30 is best.

If best means greatest number of skiable acres, you should look at Big Sky, Montana.


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The best place to snowboard in the U.S is Park City, Utah. It has a great terrain park and great all around skiing.

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Winter Park, CO : family friendly with 12 lifts covering multible moutains. They just finsihed a new 3 seater giving access to many new black diamond runs. They are currently in constructioon of the highest 6-pack lift in North America that will take you to over 12,000ft, above the tree line with perfect snowboarding conditions. They also have many terrian parks from small railyards to the superpipe and 50ft jumps.

Go to their website for more info:

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aspen colorado

What skis are you skiing on this winter?

Well I'm in Cali and the best places i've been to so far here in Cali would be Kirkwood (#1) and Donner Ski Ranch.

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crested butte

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It really depends on what kind of snowboarding you are into. For park you may want to check out Breckenridge, CO or Killington, VT. For powder you may like Snowbird, UT or Heavenly, CA/NV. For steeps you may like Crested Butte, CO or Jackson Hole, WY.

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if you were cool and were a skier, you would have to hit alta-utah. but for snowboarders its gotta be park city ski resort-utah. its big, one of the best parks in the world, tons of awsome snow, and im not just saying that because i'm from Utah. It really is good snow. oh and there's good backcountry there, REALLY good backcountry.
oh and don't believe everything you hear from those online rating sites, they're pretty reliable but not perfect.

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Squaw Valley, CA

go to http://www.squaw.com/winter/mtnmap360.ht...

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i go to mountain high.(i live in cali)

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Telluride and Mt. Bachelor are both sweet mts. to shred on.

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UTAH - park city and snowbird are great for shredding powder

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steamboat springs, colorado
best place EVER. guarantee you'll like it.

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I can't believe that after 20 answers nobody has mentioned ALASKA!!! I feel very sorry about the ones that listed Lutsen(been there-not that great-check out mt. bohemia in the U.P. of michigan instead) or WV.
Remember the blizzard that shut down Denver? Did you know the same thing was happening in Anchorage?? But you didnt hear about it bc up there it's NORMAL!!
Alyeska is a very nice place with some great terrain. Want more? Head down the highway a little ways and check out Turnagain Pass. All the backcountry you could ever want. Still not enough? Check out one of the numerous heli-tours available and NEVER- AND I DO MEAN NEVER!- run out of fresh powder runs.

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Keyword here is USA.

Park city, I think not, a close second.
Any snowboarder who has been around would agree, Big cottonwood canyon, with the small resort of Brighton is known as the snowboard capitol of the US.

Be it the terrain park or the deep powder bowls, nothing is finer.

It doesn't hurt either that it is the official burton method center

Now I must say outside the US. The valhalla mountain range in southeast BC is the best place on earth for either snowboarding or skiing. The resorts there are small but people don't go there for resorts. They go there for the many heli / cat operators. It is a short 2 hour drive out of Tacoma, WA. and they all speak english.

PS: I have a place in Lake Tahoe and Ski it 20 days a year. I would take Utah anyday.

As for Alaska, you may wait 2 weeks for the storm to break before the heli takes off. But when it does, it is epic.

I've been to all the Colorado resorts as well. Aspen, Steamboat, Vail (back bowls are great!). I still would always come back to brighton.

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Mammoth or Aspen

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Winter Park!!! my only vice

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i usually go to mt. baker in washington. mt. baker was the 1st mt. to let snowboarders on ski lifts too. it isnt that good now since were getting into spring. i just went up last saturday and it was pouring. i would wait till next season.

What is the best slope in Tahoe for snowboarders?

Aspen, CO. I been there once. There's nothing better. If you need a school, ask for Shaun Clayton. I'm not saying you're bad either, cuz I haven't seen you, but still. He's great at teaching and he's hilarious. Seriously, Aspen is fun and expensive, but worth every dollar.

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