At what age can children start snowboarding?

I want teach my daughter how to board as soon as possible. When the season starts up again later this year she'll be about 2 1/2 years old.


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I work at a ski resort and I've managed the snowboard rental shop here for four years. I've seen a ton of really young kids come through and I have to say that 2 1/2 is a bit young to start snowboarding. If she is totally in to it and you think she is capable then go for it but keep in mind she will be exhausted after about one hour...two at the most. Don't force it whatever you do and do not go out in anything other than perfect conditions. It's been my experience that really young kids do better with skiing. The balance is more intuitive and they usually last a little longer. At her age it is all about being fun and easy. Make sure she is set up with decent gear as well. She'll need good sunglasses, socks and gloves not to mention boots that fit and waterproof clothing. Most kids learn to hate skiing not because it's hard but because they are either uncomfortable, cold, wet or in pain. Keep it easy, Keep it fun. Remember, if you want her to love it she's the boss. If you get all the way to the ski resort and she all of a sudden decides that she doesn't want to do it, don't do it.

My advice would be to start your daughter on skis as it is easier and she'll probably enjoy herself more. After she is comfortable there and has a good idea what her edges are for and loves going skiing have her try boarding. Of course, if she's completely gung-ho and wants to board right off the bat that's fine too, just don't expect her to pick it right up or last all day.

Hope that helps.

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The sooner the better, she will probably be too young then to really take it in and learn well, but it will plant the seeds so to speak. dont forget a helmet and sunscreen, and try ringing a reputable training school to get some more advice.

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if she has great balance i say go for it.. make sure you use safety equiptment.. Have fun and enjoy them while you can they grow so quickly

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2 months old

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as long as she can walk well, and there are boards small enough, they can learn at any time they want.

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I guess 2 1/2 is ok, just make sure you keep a close eye on her. Depending on how crowded the place is that you take her, look out for older people that are still learning because they could run her over due to a lack of control. It took me a while to learn how to board, and I wish I would have started sooner because I still struggle with stopping at times.

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As soon as they can walk, talk, and balance. I suggest that you wait a little bit, though, because it might hurt a young child when they fall.

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well for more safe it would be 9-10 and it depends in the shape of your body

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As early as walking. I know a little girl who started skiing when she was two. But I wouldn't reccomend to start her snowboarding. When they are so small, it is easier for them to learn to balance on skis. Get an instructor to teach her a simple snowplow and help her down the hill. I'm sorry, but if you want her to snowboard, you'll have to wait until she's more coordinated, about four or five. I've watched several kids grow up on the hills, and they don't even stock snowboard boots for a two-year-olds feet.

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she has to be able to walk and if she can then she can start but it might be hard for her to keep her balance so start her on the little hills until she is ready do not push her or she could get really hurt

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I was about 3 when I learned. I was pretty comfortable at the time, and now i'm really good! Thank you for wanting to introduce her to this awesome sport.

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4 is a good age.

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Get her on the mountain this winter, she could be a pro-snowboarder if you start her early. Make sure she wants to do it though.

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Whenever. I started skiing when i was in preschool.

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AMy be 3 year old

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at least age 5

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I work winters at a Ski School and we start (group) kids snowboard lessons at age 7. By 7, most kids have developed the leg and body strength required to control a board safely and they're also physically and mentally mature enough to learn effectively.

In private instruction, you can start younger as you have the benefit of one-on-one attention.

Apart from anything, I think it's unlikely you would be able find equipment to safely fit a 4 year old snowboarder.

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u can start snowboarding at any age, as long as she has the balance and can walk and can take some pain if she falls, she will be ready any time

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