Anyone been to Sunday River in the past week or so? How's the conditions and lift lines??


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I've been to Sunday River every weekend for the past few weeks. It was a little messy and bumpy a while ago, but it keeps getting better and better! They've been making plenty of snow and grooming. They are opening up more and more trails, so there is skiing for all levels now. I love that place! It's my favorite mountain and I think it definitely has the best early season skiing. Some would say Killington, but I'm leery of Killington because they are traditionally overly optimistic about what they consider a "trail". They count rocks and grass as open terrain.

Oh, also - Sunday River is true to its word about "guaranteed" conditions. If you get there early in the morning, do a run or two and aren't happy - they will give you a "rain check" to come back any time during the season to any of the ASC mountains (6 mountains to choose from). That's a good deal!

See you on the slopes! Enjoy!

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It was perfect last week and the lines were working great.

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