Advice on xc skiing for beginners?

Just started xc skiing this winter to help me train for the next race season (mtb and road bike). Any ideas for beginngers... advice.. or anything! Even training ideas! Thanks!


Places known for ski?

I was the owner of one of the first MTB shops (Fisher dealer #7) and sponsor (along with Gary Fisher) of one of the first MTB teams. My sister owned a XC ski store next to mine and did quite a few lessons. Here's a couple of thoughts:

Since your primary interest in XC is training, unless you live in an area with really good, consistent snow stick to waxless ski's. Get them from a store you can trust, somebody who also does lessons, even if they cost a little more. Tell them what you want to do an LISTEN. If it seems like they are more interested in selling you than helping, walk, because there are lots of people in the business who are passionate and honest. Since my knowledge is way dated, I can't make any recommendation on equipment beyond that.

Next, training. It's a lot like what they say in Europe about bike racing - ride, all day, every day, or as much as possible. Falling in the snow is OK the first couple of times - it gets to be a drag, not to mention potential injury, if it happens a lot. Stick to the flat track at first, and if you're not getting a workout, ski harder! You'll know when it's time to start on a few hills because you'll be getting bored stiff, but for conditioning nothing beats just going flat-out on the flats. Dress is just about like biking - layers, but bear in mind that it's a lot easier to get dehydrated because of the temperature, and also the temp. will skew your perception of the rate of "burn". Just like on the bike, "bonking" comes fast and without warning, only when it's below freezing it's even less fun and maybe dangerous. One last thing. Just because it seems easy, like walking, doesn't mean that a professional lesson or two won't hurt. Enough preaching - have fun! And, in the summer, remember that the rubber part goes down!

Calling all skiers/snowboarders?

get out of the sport. is my advice. train indoors.

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