Advice on buying snowboarding goggles?

do you think it unwise to buy them as xmas gifts? i don't know anything about snowboarding but so far i like the dragon opticals..


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goggles are good xmas gifts, just make sure the person needs them in the first place. dragon is also a good company

try to get a decent pair. cheap pairs usually break after a couple days at the mountain. good pairs generally run from about 30 - 40 dollars.

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If you are going to buy them for Christmas gifts I would flat out ask the person what kind they like or want. Because it would be better to get them the kind they want and need then to buy them some other pair that they will feel guilty returning so they will end up keeping a pair that doesnt really work for them. That is a really sweet Christmas gift though. I know I would be stoked if I got a new goggles for Christmas.

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Here's some advice on buying them, don't go cheap. You get what you pay for with goggles. Cheap ones have a tendency to fog up and be uncomfortable. Dragon opticals are good goggles.

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Git the oakley A frames

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nooo googles is an excelent christmas present =] ....but ask the person what they like if it is for a girl though you should look into buying anon majestic googles they are excelent and the best looking googles i have ever seen =]


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The best color for deflecting light is yellow so yellow or gold lenses are best for the visual aspect. If you're buying them for yourself then get what you really like, but if you're getting them for someone else, ask them what their favorite goggle brand is and then go to a sports store and ask for helping picking some out for that person's personality.

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Spy, Dragon, and Oakley are the top brands. The most IMPORTANT feature of any good goggle is to be able to clearly see out of them. Some goggles like the ones with colored lens can be hard to see through.

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I agree with the person who answered first.. Dont buy them, ask them what they want and then get them

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