At what age can you start teaching your children how to downhill ski?

What ages do ski schools start youngsters on the fundamentals of downhill skiing?


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We stared our twins at age 4. The childrens learning area isn't all that difficult and speed realy isn't an issue.When they were 5 they were skiing no problem on the beginner slopes.
Start them when you feel compftable.


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Maybe 4 or 5, how would I know I don't have kids..:-)

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I see kids on the slope that look like they're about 3-4 years old. They're either on tethers of some sort, or behind a pole that the instructor holds out sideways. That seems young to me - a kid that young wouldn't have the judgement to do anything if they got moving too fast. Then again, I didn't learn to ski until I was about 40, so what do I know?

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well, i'd let them get proficient at walking, etc. first.

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Alot of ski schools say they can start at three years old as long as they are potty trained. Start them young. They will apreciate it when they are older. It is better to start young also because they are fearless and a lot closer to the ground so it won't hurt as much when they fall.

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i've seen 3 year olds my friend's brother had lessons at the age of 3 and maybe 2. but it mostly depends on ur mountain some dont have lessons until 4 but if ur asking what age u should start teaching ur kids when they can balence on skis and when they start having fun

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No younger than 3.

If they are three, then put them on the little plastic skis and just let them glide around a little. Both my daughters started like that.

Four and above can likely be ok with the real deal. Either have professional instructors teach the kid, or buy a Racer Chaser (a harnass) and Edgie Wedgies before you attempt to do it yourself.

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i think i learned when i was about 3 year old but you need speacial equipment and you need to be a good skier your self

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if they can walk then they can train they have machines to teach i have seen kids as young as 2 do it

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well, I learned when I was 3, and I'd have to say the earlier you start them off, the better. But I'd say keep them in Ski School or whathaveyou until they are 5 or 6 because otherwise, they might be just a wee bit too small.

That might sound like a long time for some, but you want to make sure the kid's comfortable knowing how to move in the equipment before you put them on the big greens. And when you do, it's definitely private lesson time. Expensive yes, but after they get the jist of it from going down the big greens after a few private lessons, they'll be able to learn very, very quickly. As a side note you'll probably want to stick with 'em for the first year (possibly two ) after they graduate to the real hill to keep 'em out of trouble. But once they hit 8, they should be completely kosher on their own, or at least going with a friend/sibling of similar age.

Also, ditto to what someone else said earlier about it being better to start 'em younger since they're shorter. And they tend to bounce back more when they're younger.

So yeah, start 'em early, but only if you can afford to do it right.

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My sister and I started skiing when we were about 3.5. I think it was a great time to learn because now I don't remember if it was hard to learn or not, I don't remember the early falls, and I can not teach the basics of skiing because for me it comes almost as naturally as walking.


I started at 3 and I would say thats about as early as you would want to go. I have a 3 year old that I will start a little this season and then hit it hard next season when she is four.
I think anything younger than three they won't understand at three if you push them to hard they could not like it. I am just out there to have fun I want my girl to have fun so when she is ready to call it a day then its a day.

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