Begining snowboaring, i just bought an LTD cuz someone said it was good, but i have no idea. is it? help :)?


Any Snowboarding tips for a beginner??

For a beginner it's just fine. You will outgrow it's capabilities quickly as Ltd isn't known for it's performance. Ltd is a discount snowboard company that sells primarily in big box stores (Big 5, Copelands, etc.).

It's a good, cheap way for you to get your foot in the door but as you improve you are going to find it lacking I'm afraid. But by then you will have a better idea what you need. I always encourage people to go to smaller "core" board shops. You are more likely to find quality board lines and the staff at these shops are usually experienced and well educated about their products.

Can you use use an ipod on an Red Tantrum Audex Helmet or do you need a phone that plays mp3?

Do you mean limited snowboard. It is a snow board right it gets you down the hill and as long as you are having fun who cares what brand your snowboard is anyways.

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