A good deal on snowboard tune kit?

I'm looking to tune up my snowboard, have no idea what to do. I would like to buy my own kit and do it myself. Does anyone have any suggestions on good deals on kits that anyone can do theirself?


Please Answer ASAP! Are these good skates?

I was able to get my iron, scraper, and some wax in an end of the year deal for $40 (got a bullet tool too) Some suggest a cleaner too, although I haven't used any yet. The thing you want to make sure of though, get an iron made for waxing. Don't just use some old clothes iron. For one, they don't have any steam holes in them. Two, some clothes ones have teflon on them, no good for waxing. Three, they are usually one setting. No messing around trying to find the right temp. You want to melt the wax, not burn it. It should not smoke when you heat the wax.
Scrap the bottom of the board and make sure you get any old wax off. Use a cleaner if you'd like. Heat the wax against the iron and drip it all over the base of the board. Use iron to heat and push around the wax until the entire base is covered. once it's dry, scrap off any excess. The point is to not make a layer of wax on the board. The wax that the base soaks up is most important. No need to leave a thick layer or anything. Should be nice and smooth. Should be hard to tell if there's any wax on it at all. Some recommend buffing it all out when your finished.
Make sure any edge tuning or sharpening you do is done before you do the wax. An edge sharpener that is adjustable for different degrees is a nice buy too.

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Check out here http://frostyrider.com/boards/index.php/...

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