Can i get cheap beginner snowboard packages for 6 foot 3 inche people (male)?

in scotland


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Definately try and get boots that fit right. Boots are the most important part of the whole equation. Try on as many pair as possible and don't be afraid to spend a little more than you have budgeted if you need to. One of the rules I try and follow is this; If the boots fit perfectly in the store...THEY ARE TOO BIG! Your boots should fit tight when they are new. For most people a half size down is about right. I usually get 100+ days on the hill and I always get my boots a size too small. There is nothing worse than boots that stretch and are too big. Not only will you loose response but you are more likely to get blisters if your feet are moving in your boots. Sure, they'll hurt for the first day or two but once they break-in they'll be perfect. I also recommend wearing your boots at home for at least a few hours for a couple of days before you use them. This will help them stretch and mold to your foot in a situation where the pain won't bother you much.

Also, being 6'3" you probably have bigger feet. The width of your board is just as important (if not more) than the length. Be sure to get a board wide enough so your toes and heels are just above their edges. A board that is too narrow will cause all sorts of problems when you are carving.

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You could try these guys out -

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are you talking about your height, or the lenght of your feet??

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Oggies ( do a good beginner package (or at least they did in April!) I would also highly recommend, based in Yorkshire for your board and gear - they couldn't have been more helpful when I bough my skis and boots. As for tuition, you can pre-book a 2 hour lesson, including the gear and clothing at Glencoe( although obviously they;re shut for the season at the moment.

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go to this website and you'll find tons of stuff. :)

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Sure you can. In the States you can find them for lets say under 300 us. Board and bindings that is. But spend your money on boots that fit first.

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