Any suggestions for an above the timber line snowshoe route somewhere near Keystone, CO?

Question:Looking for a novice snowshoe route near Keystone, CO with some above the tree line exposure and great views! I am an avid backpacker, pretty physically fit, and experienced winter camper, but have never gone snowshoeing before. I was hoping to take a day trip from some trailhead near Keystone, CO, that offers good views of the Rockies and surrounding peaks. Any one have any experiences or suggestions to share? Looking to hike for about 6-7 hours, and maybe cover 6 miles (I don't know if that is too aggressive for snowshoeing in one day). I'm going in the next few weeks, so snow should definitely be on the ground!

Thanks in advance!


FREERIDE or FREESTYLE,which one do u prefer ??

I know the Vail hikes more than the Summit ones, but I use my Vail Hiker book a ton (it is pretty trashed from use now). There is one for summit county too and you can get them used for less than $5. But considering what my used one looks like you might want to get a new one. Here is the link..

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