Any boarders out there missing the snow?

I am! (But enjoying the sunshine, also!)


Does any1 know where i can find a figure skating boarding school in CA?

Of course! I might have to start sand-boarding- looks fun.

Any tips for first timer?

I don't board but I do miss the cold weather.

Why is "WINTER OLYMPICS" called winter olympics?

I'm with you,I miss the snow, but I'm lovin the summer.

What are some of the basics that i need to know for snowboarding?

i amm but i love the sun light to it's GRATE....
i go swimming like everyday its tight

Did anyone watch the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics? Who was the model in the shell thing?

I am totally. I just got a 2006 Burton Custom X, it went on sale because of the summer months. I can't wait to get out there and ride it, but I have to wait all summer.

On ice skates, after learning a waltz jump what jump should I learn next and could you please explain it?

oh yah. so missing it :( i don't like the heat too much, and totally love the snow, and also of course being on my board. can't wait for it to come back!

What do you think and why?

I am a skiier but I still miss the frest furry powder... no problem though, I am going to Chile soon, and there it will be ripe ski season soon...yeah!

I want to find all US speed skaters that skated in the 1932 Olympics?

Yeah. Luckily I have an indoor snow dome here. But, summer has its fun, too.

Im just learning how to snowboard, what should i know and should i start w/a shortboard? where should i shop 2

not a boarder but i am a skiier. oh i just can't wait till next season starts. this year we didn't get much skiing done cuz in the begining there wasn't enough snow and then spring came and there was TOO much snow. (whiteout conditions) and in the middle my whole family was busy : (
fyi: skiing location sierra nevada's aka lake tahoe, ca

plus that's when hockey season starts again and i can't wait to see some sharks games. ugh i hate hot weather.

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  • Any boarders out there missing the snow?
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