Any snowboarders from Wisconsin?

Question:Just learning, I consider myself Intermediate as of now. Wondering if there are any riders in wisconsin out there?

I am from the north shore (bayside, whitefish bay, mequon) area of milwaukee?


Music selection help?

From Milwaukee and never giving up on boarding, no matter how crappy our winters are. Just more of a reason to jump a plane to Alaska or Colorado. I'm all about big mountain riding. But since thats majorly lacking around here I like to hit the halfpipes when I can, not much of a rail/park rider. But you don't HAVE to go a place like CO to test yourself. Check out, it's up in the U.P., no place for wussies.
Get your gear at Les Moise?? Thats where I got my set-up from, great shop.

Whose the better skier?

Fellow Wisconsinite myself, but don't do much boarding. I don't see the point anymore, since we rarely get enough snow to ride on anyhow.

A Question for female snowboarders that either ride a Burton Feather or a Burton Troop...?

nope,i'm from cali

What's the best skateboard trucks and wheel brand?

no, but i know the hottest girl from wizco

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