Anyone snapped the ligaments in their shoulder? did u have surgical reconstruction? does it work good now?

i hear the results can be sketchy, whether its treated with surgery or physio... anyone had the surgical reconstruction, how does it work now? anyone had just physio, and how did that turn out...? it's been three months and i'm still gettin a lot of pain, really wanna know if i'm gonna be able to snowboard again... any info please!


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I'll tell you this. Skiing is my life, and sometimes bad stuff does happen... I have already torn the ligaments of my right shoulder twice, but I am still alive! THe first time I only had physical therapy and it did not go too well. After my second fall, I had surgery, and yes, the results are sketchy, but mine worked out well. Of course the rehabilitation took up the whole season, and for most of the spring I was in physical therapy, but now... perfect! I play tennis over the summer, and in the winter I can enjoy life on snow once more. Good luck to you too!

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i stretched and tore some muscles in my shoulder last year from being thrown of a quad. they say surgery is coming up for me next month. i've been in physical therapy for a while and it seems to have gotten a lot better! i dont want the surgery, bc then i'll miss the next snowboarding season.

try therapy before surgery. the worst that could happen is that is doesn't work, but if it does work then you just saved yourself from surgery. ( or did you already have the surgery?)

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