Anyone like Torville and Dean?


Wolf Creek or Purgatory?


Tips For Snowboarders??

they were the best of their era.

First Snowboard?

I could watch them skate to "Bolero", again and again and again!! :)

Tips on Salchow and Lutz Jumps please?

There was no-one like Torville and Dean

Where can I find a Myspace layout of Apolo Anton Ohno?

Oh yes, saw them at Sheffield and they were terrific. Bolero is the masterpiece.

Where can I find a copy of the herman maier atomic ski advertisement?

I do i remember watching them in the Olympics when i was a kid and then later as professionals. they were the best and most inventive ice dancers ever i miss seeing them. although i know dean choreographs other peoples routines now and that's great too.

What Level do you need to be at to compete in an ice skating competition?

I rememer watching them live about 15 years ago when they came to Vancouver

Whats the highest skier cliff jump (without a parachute) and do you know where I can get pictures or a video?

LOVE THEM. Loved it when they skated to Simon and Garfunkle

How short is too short, in skiing?

Absolutely. Not only were they great skaters, they were also hugely influential. They changed ice dance - they completely revolutionised it.

In my opinion, they are amongst the best skaters of all time. Even today, ice dancers are compared to Torvill and Dean (and usually fall short!)

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