Am I the only one obsessed with Skiing?

I love skiing soooooo much, for me it is better than sex or anything else for that matter. Does anyone feel the same?


Where can I buy new ice skates?


What are some fun snow games?

no, you're not the only one, I once met a bloke in a pub who had the same problem.

How can i get more higher sleding on a skateboard ramp?




How much would it cost to mail a snowboard from USA to Chile?


Can somebody find me a video of a half flip jump?

I like skiing but you are the only one obsessed

Is curling a real sport?

Thats a bit of a slippery question, there snow good answer for it but I'll keep my ice and ears open!

How do i dress for snow skiing?

NO i love it too!
i also love snowboarding...possibly a fraction more than i do skiing but theyre both great!

Are there any well-known Christian/Jewish figure skaters, & who are they?


THat's all I can think about. In fact, I go skiing for a week at the end of June, and again for two weeks at the beginning of August! AND I ski from the middle of November, to the middle/end of April (3 or more days a week). AND I weight train, so I can be ready for it. I watch ski Movies. I also compete in skiing, so that I can get the most out of the sport! :-)

What time and what channel is the figure skating Cambell's Classic on?

Basically you can put it simply..Skiing is my LIFE in the winter. Its the only thing i want to do. I hate going a weekend without shredding the mountain b/c i feel that i am missing out on the greatest opportunities and the most fun ever. I am depressed when the ski season ends b/c here in the Northeast that means that its another 7 or 8 months til im back on my soo badly.IM from CT and almost got going on a road trip with friends out to Mammoth Mountain in CA for a 3000 mile trek to go skiing one more time before the season was completly over since Mammoth closes July 4!!! DONT Obsessed!!

Will any part of Whistler/Blackcomb be open for skiing in August?

Skiing can be VERY addictive. Because it is an instant gratification sport. The moment you can do a new trick or move, you're driven to try it one more time. Like some of the answerers above, I'm hooked, too. I love skiing and snowboarding, I watch videos to improve myself, I practice every weekend at an indoor ski dome, I climb stairs just to improve my thigh muscles, and all these had driven my girlfriend to go nuts.

Skiing in washington state?


Do you think Caroline Zhang will have a good chance of winning the olympics someday?

I've competed in three consecutive Winter Olympics and I don't love skiing more than sex.
But if you feel that way then I say go for it.

What is a good brand of skis?

I luv skiing too, but I'm def. not obsessed with it. Actually, I luv having sex way more than skiing! hehe!

Can u show me pictures of bostin mills snowboard/skiers resort?


Who is the best figure skater of all time and why?

no, this year my favourite ski resort-whistler blackcomb(sp?)-opened in december and will be open until june, so i will keep going back!

Burton Custom X?

no way

What age did you start snowboarding and how did you learn?

Well, let's see - went to a high school that had classes from 6-9:30AM, then ski the rest of the day, then classes again from 6-9PM. I coach a college Ski Team now. I've averaged some 60-120 days of skiing every year since the age of 7 (mid thirties now). There's that high that you get when you take it right to the edge. Live to ski, my brother!

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