Best places to snowboard in california?

OK, im looking for good parks in cali in the sacramento area (obviously not in sacramento). i have been snowboarding about 10 times so a place with some good intermediate runs. we usually go up to boreal but i am looking for new places to go besides that.


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Why go to Shasta or Mammoth when Tahoe is barely two hours away?

Do yourself a favor and never, ever go to Boreal again. that place is beat. My favorite places in Tahoe are Sugar Bowl, Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows and Kirkwood. As a beginner you would probably really like Northstar. Their amenities are amazing and it's a great place to learn.

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it's a drive, but Mt. Shasta is amazing.

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What about Lake Tahoe?

I'm not a pro Snowboard or an experience one but thats where I usually go to Ski and I'm learning how this year.

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Mammoth Lakes or Tahoe are the best resorts in Cali.

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Kirkwood is my favorite place, however it is more for experienced snowboarders. The terrain is difficult compared to some of these other places. But my dad learned there and it really is one of the best places! I'd check that out! Good luck!

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I live about an hour south of sac and anytime i have a chance i go to heavenly in tahoe. amazing powder and a great intermediate to advanced mountain. if it wasn't 3 hours away i'de have a season pass there.

been boarding a long time, and snowboard instructor at a northern california snow resort

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Definitely MAMMOTH if you're a park and pipe guy like i am then you will love this place.

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north star at tahoe.

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Mammoth mountain. Ranks 2nd in US for the pipes and stuff.

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