Are there any good places to go ice skating in Ohio?

Preferably the Dayton area, but Cincy or Columbus would be okay too. Romantic if possible, and outdoors. Thanks for your help!


What is the best student seasons pass in new england for skiing?

On the river!!!

How Many People Have Been To The Summit Of Mount Everest?

Lake Erie...oh wait its completly polluted,sorry.

What kind of skiboards should I get? (sz., kind of bindings, etc.)?


I need to fix my guard rifle?

River Scape when it gets cold enough, or Hobart arena.

What Kind of Skis?

well it is almost december, so alot of outdoors places will open up soon

Is it easy to drive a snowmobile?

ummm? do we live in the same ohio? ice skating?? really? i think all we have here is football bars!!

I`m looking for a wheel conversion kit for a snowmobile?

They opened up an outdoor rink in downtown Cinci on Fountain Square. It's supposed to be the same size as the Rockafeller Center rink.

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