Any good snowboard terrain parks by Albany, NY?

Question:Im going up to school in Albany next year and want to know if there are any good snowboard terrain parks by Albany? I was looking into Hunter Mountain but it doesnt seem like they have alot of jibs/rails, I dont really know though. Within like an hrs drive from Albany to any state/direction would be ideal. Thanks everybody.

Also I dont really care how many trails, lifts, etc a place has, just need a good park. Thanks again.


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Windham Mountain. Was just there today. It's on the other side of Hunter Mountain and is a much better Snowboarder mountain with some nice jumps and rails (multiple terrain parks) and a half pipe. Should only be within an hour from Albany. Killington is good, but not close to Albany.

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Never been to albany but im guessing yes from all the snow they get

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screw hunter, head north to killington they usually several good parks. ontop of that it is only a little bit further away than hunter, in the other direction of course. most of the resorts in vermont blow just about anything in NY out of the water. check this map, there are quite a few good ski resorts close to albany in vermont.

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Mount Snow, homey.

Thats my stomping ground, but i tore up my knee this winter


YO WHUDDUP. i live in albany. i have been snowboarding for a few years now and love the park.
a good place for a park is WILLARD MOUNTAIN. it is only like 50 minutes away. also, Jiminy Peak is another GREAT terrain park, they have 3 terrain parks one of them that has a superpipe and many other feature. Jiminy Peak is only about an hour away from albany.

hey, if you need any info. on these mountains, email me . I live at those mountains pretty much.
enjoy albany. and i suggest you go eat a Bombers, its on lark street. its the best food ever.

okay peace

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