Are all pairs figure skaters romantically involved?

Just curious about it since I was a kid.


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Well, I'm a figure skater myself, and I wouldn't say they are all romantically involved. Ben Agosto and Tanith Belbin are a very good pair on ice, but they are not involved together romantically. I have friends that are figure skaters too and they aren't involved romantically. Maybe on ice they seem like they are together because they look like they are in love on ice, but it's like acting. They act as if they're in love on ice, but they are not. Of course they love each other, but not involved romantically. Hope this helps!

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Pair skaters are always romantically involved, how can they not they touch each other everyday, something has to happen. I know if I was carrying a woman and embracing her I know we would be involved.

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Honestly, do you really think that the "men" in figure skating are straight?

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maybe so...maybe not...who knows...

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I'm sure it happens a lot just because of the intimacy of the sport, but not always. There are some great borther-sister teams who I seriously hope aren't involved. There are also pairs who are both involved with other people. The thing is that pairs generally work together for a very long time, and that means that even if there is the desire for romance, somethimes they'll prioritize their partner relationship above it.

But I know there are some husband-wife pairs, too. One of my favorite routines I ever saw was after the man had dropped the woman (at the olympics, so their chances for a medal were screwed). When they competed the next night, she was PISSED at him and you could tell, and she put so much anger and passion into the way she skated, it was unbelievable. At the end she started crying as he held her. It was really neat, thought I wouldn't have liked to be her.

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If thats the case then the brother and sister combinations could be in a lot of trouble if the police find out.

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Just the men.

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Well you could argue that at one point in time, the pairs eventually become romantically involved, but they don't always start out like that. Sometimes they are just partners, and become more. And sometimes it just doesn't last.

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no, because the men are all gay

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no. not all of them.
because some of them are already married.
i'm a figure skater, but most of them are romantically involved, because they've worked together for so long, and fell in love.

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Well, no body really knows what happens between the skaters. The only way to find out is to ask them or their family or friends. But i am going to guess and say i think they are,well at least some of them. Some of them are married and some are dating but if they are open they could be involved.

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I know it seems like all of them are dating or married to each other, it must be awkard if a team broke up but still skated with each other I think there is an American ice dancing team that, that it actually happened to.

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No, most pairs in skating aren't involved romantically. Most of them are just good friends, and even though they look like they are probably while skating most of them aren't. There are a few pairs that are married and some of them do date, but generally most of them aren't.

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seems that way

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