Are ski helmets suppose to fit like skate helmets?

Question:Mine doesn't, it always slips back when i put my goggles on, so their is an inch between my helmet and my goggles!
What should i do?


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I'm guessing your helmet is too big for you. Options:

See if you can get padded inserts to put inside the helmet. You could see a ski shop, they may be able to help with that, or provide more expert purchasing one of their products.

You could wear a beanie or balaclava under the helmet, but that might get hot.

Definitely check to see that your chin strap is snugged up.

Beyond that, you may need a new helmet. If your helmet is slipping back that far, you are loosing protection in the area most likely to be impacted on hitting a rock or a tree, sort of defeating the purpose in wearing a helmet.

Plus, on a cold day, that would really suck...that wind hitting smack on the forehead.

I just have a tiny gap, and it was uncomfortable today, in colder temps!

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Good day, i gess your helmet is to large for you head, it is important that it fit laike a glove. in case if you fall it is important it is tight enough to don't move, i sugest you go to ski shop to check if someting to do whit your helmet i am sure the guy there kinw beter than me hope it's help you bb

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