Are you looking forward to the Winter Olympics?

What is your favorite sport?


How do they make the lines in the snow for downhill and slalem skiing?

Not really. You can only see so much figure skating before it gets boring, and it will be on a lot. Speed skating and skeleton are pretty interesting though.

Is figure skating a minor sports in the U.S.?


they should add football 2 the summer games!
even if we can only use college athletes!

Does anyone have any recommendations for Hotels or apartments for 2 people in Salt Lake City ski areas??

Duh! Its fun to see all the sports. im totally lookin forward to it

What is the longest know distance that a snowmobile has traveled across open water?

I am looking forward to the Olympics. I really like figure skating, speed skating, snow boarding, and airerals.

Why isn't Mexico at the 2006 Olympics?

not really

Where can I find a listing of extreme sports events (snowboarding, BMX, skateboarding)?

sort of

I need help with my axel!?

not much i only like snobording

I am an up and coming park rat. I use twin tips...i like to ski the whole mountain to but i love the park?

Yes,ice hockey.

How often should I wax my board?

Yeah, for the snowboarding.

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