Best Snowboard brand?

Vonzipper? Electric? Dragon? Burton? or a difffrent one?


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I personally am not a fan of burton at all! they have become way to big, and now all they want is money. thier boards have not been keeping up with other top brands. I talk to so many other guys and companies in the snowboarding business and they all agree that burton has been going downhill for about 3 seasons now. other companies are coming out with way better boards. RIde for example came out with "slimewalls" last season and their new boards are top of the line right now.

but if your talking about goggles, like VonZipper, Electric, or Dragon, they are all pretty much the same, its just the style you perfer. i have 3 pairs of vonzippers, and i love them, but its all up to your style.

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I like Burton gnerally, but for bindings nothing is better than Flow.

Im want to buy a snowboard this year but don't know where to start. Any tips on what to look for, what size?

It's totally and opinion question. Different people like different brands based on their preferences. Burton seems to be the favorite on here, but I can't afford it so I'm a little partial to less expensive things. I like Dragon goggles, they make a good one, but as for snowboards, I don't know. Opinions differ from person to person.

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I ride burton and flow. But you just gotta try many brands. Ask around the mountain when "demo day" is. That's when you can try so many brands for free :)

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I have to say, flow bindings are the best things ever. I had tried every brand of bindings and they all made my feet bleed due to pressure (i had really good boots too).

Check out flow bindings, ( I'm a surfer so snowboarding with these bindings is the closest thing to surfing.

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Burton definately.
The rest are not even close.

Some other high end brands include:


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It all depends on what you like but I have a Burton and I like it.

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